English names of Chinese movies 说说中国电影名的雷人翻译

2016-11-14 16:33 chinadaily.com.cn

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Sometimes you will be shocked when reading the English names of some Chinese movies. Today let’s have a try at retranslating them based on faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance.


原译:Farewell My Concubine 重译:Love on and off the Stage

A story about an affair?

The original title is from a tragic history allusion. It is used to symbolize the effect of China's political turmoil during the mid-20th century on the lives of two Peking opera stars and a woman who comes between them. "Love on and off the Stage" sounds better.




原译:Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 重译:Sword in Mind

A fiction movie?

卧虎藏龙 is a Chinese idiom, which refers to hidden geniuses. And this movie is about two warriors in pursuit of a stolen sword and a notorious fugitive are led to an impetuous, physically skilled, adolescent nobleman's daughter, who is at a crossroad in her life. How about "Sword in Mind"?




原译:Peacock 重译:Flightless Bird

Reminds me of the documentary—"Animal World"...

Peacock is a symbol in this movie. Peacocks have beautiful feathers but don't fly. So do many people. This is exaggerated at the transition time of starting to implement reform and opening-up policy in China. So "Flightless Bird" is a much more appropriate choice.

《动物世界》即视感,请脑补赵忠祥老师富有磁性的嗓音…… 孔雀只是一个象征。它有着美丽的羽毛,却不能飞。很多有才华的人也会被生活的担子所累,困在现实中,无法施展自己的理想。人生是个笼子,每个人都被关在里面。别人观赏我们,我们也观赏别人,同时我们也观赏自己。


原译:Drink Eat Man Woman 重译:Cook My Own Life

What the heck is it?!

This movie realistically reflects the generational gap between traditional and modern Chinese cultures in a gentle style. The movie focuses on the family of a retired chief and his three daughters, as well as his relationship with neighbors. Since it tells a family story, it could be named "Cook My Own Life".

原来直译可以到如此地步……,照这么说,吃饭就应该叫Eat Rice。




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