Who will be the biggest winner of “Double 11”?

2016-11-10 13:16 千龙网

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As the largest online shopping festival in China, even around the world, “Double 11” is just around the corner. Let’s browse through some advertisements and guess which retailer will be the biggest winner in this national shopping spree.

Tmall advertisement at Dongzhimen subway station. [Photo/Qianlong]

The advertisement of Tmall can be found at subway stations in Beijing. As the initiator of “Double 11 shopping carnival”, Tmall.com certainly attracts great attention from the public on each year’s “Double 11 Day”.

JD advertisment for 2016 "Double 11 Shopping Festival". [Photo/Qianlong]

This year JD.com, a powerful opponent of Tmall, emphasizes low price and authentic goods in its advertisement. People cannot help but wonder whether Tmall or JD, two of the most competitive online retailers in China, will be the bigger winner.

Suning's "Double 11" advertisement at a transfer station of Beijing subway. [Photo/Qianlong] 

The advertisement of Suning.com, an e-commerce platform which ranks among top three Chinese B2C companies, features popular Chinese stars Yang Yang and Zhang Tian’ai, against a time travel background similar to the one in this year’s hit TV series “A Smile is Beautiful” in which Yang played the role of the hero.

An advertisement of Dazhong Electronics outside one of its branches near 798 Art District. [Photo/Qianlong]

Dazhong Electronics, a local brand of Beijing and now also a part of GOME Electrical Appliances - China's top electronics retailer, really impresses people with the slogan of “price ‘butcher’” on a kitchen knife in its advertisement for the “Double 11” to imply that the prices are cut to the lowest.

Though retailers have spared no effort in the advertisement campaign, it is high quality commodities and reasonable prices that consumers value the most. Let’s wait and see who will get the highest sales.

责任编辑:Lu Qing(QN0045)