VR Pay: buy with a NOD 点点头就能支付购物

2016-10-19 09:45 chinadaily.com.cn

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日前,全球首个VR支付产品“VR Pay”在深圳亮相。VR Pay由阿里巴巴旗下的蚂蚁金服研发。在虚拟环境中,不管是购物、直播还是游戏,当涉及支付时,用户再也不用取下VR眼镜,拿出手机,打开支付应用付钱。而是可以直接通过触控、凝视、点头等交互方式,在3D虚拟现实中完成支付。有体验者戏称,以后再也别说“剁手”了,有了VR Pay,不用手也能买买买了。

Alibaba's finance arm has demonstrated a payment service that will allow virtual reality shoppers to pay for things in future just by nodding their heads.


VR Pay, the new payment system, is part of Alibaba's efforts to capitalise on the latest technology in online shopping.

这项新的支付系统就是VR Pay,是阿里巴巴致力于将最新技术应用到网购中的成果之一。

In 2015, for example, it introduced a facial recognition technology for Alipay mobile payments service advertised as 'pay with a selfie'.


The VR payment technology means people using virtual reality goggles to browse virtual reality shopping malls will be able pay for purchases without taking off the goggles.


They can just nod or look instead.


Lin Feng, who is in charge of Ant Financial's incubator F Lab that has been developing the payment service over the past few months, told Reuters: 'It is very boring to have to take off your goggles for payment.


'With this, you will never need to take out your phone.'


User identity can be verified on VR Pay via account logins on connected devices or via voice print technology that recognises each person's unique voice.


Lin said this was the most convenient method in a VR setting compared with other biometric recognition technologies.


But passwords will still be needed for authentication, which the user can also enter with head movements, touch, or by staring at a point on virtual display for longer than 1.5 seconds, he said.


VR Pay is expected to be ready for commercial launch by the end of this year.

VR Pay有望在今年年底投入商用。

Ant Financial said its new VR-based payment infrastructure can make VR 'a tool rather than just a toy' by connecting various VR goggle makers and app developers to the Alipay payments platform.


Ant Financial Services Group, which was demonstrating VR Pay in Shenzhen on Wednesday, operates China's largest online payments service Alipay with more than 450 million daily users.

12日,蚂蚁金融服务集团研发的VR 支付在深圳亮相。这个集团是中国最大在线支付平台支付宝的运营商,每天有超4.5亿人使用支付宝。

In September, it bought US company EyeVerify, a maker of optical verification technology used by US banks including Wells Fargo.





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