10 Chinese idioms about respecting the elders 10条尊老敬老的成语英译

2016-10-09 08:44 千龙网

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骨肉至亲    Of self's own flesh and blood

骨肉相连    Bones and flesh hold together

恩重如山    A great debt of gratitude

返哺之恩    Grace of returning to food of chewing

尊老慈幼   Respect the kind old child

百善孝为先  Filial piety is the most important of all virtues


Take care of own aged parents first and then extend the same care to the aged people in general

寸草春晖    A blade of grass to repay the spring brightness

承欢膝下   Please parents by living with them

安老怀少   Ampere of old bosom is few

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