[May 8] Warm-heated young charity woman 热心的女慈善家

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Zhang Mujie is a woman born after 1990 with a tough character, warm heart and sharp mind. This is what impresses her friends. Zhang, a Beijinger who graduated from a college recently, has become the head of a deparment of the Beijing Charity Volunteer Association. 



Zhang Mujie’s daily work deals with establishing and developing the work team, managing and serving the volunteers, planning and organizing a series of tasks for cooperators.[Photo by Wang Jieshi/Qianlong] 

协会团体会员、理事、义工社、义工队的发展和建立。义工、会员、义工队、义工社的管理、培训和服务。为合作的单位策划、组织到执行的一系工作,这些是慕洁每天的工作。(千龙网记者 王洁石摄)


There is no rule that the staffs must wear uniforms in office. But Zhang Mujie and her colleagues voluntarily get their own suits ready for the team spirit. Before going to work, she puts on a pair of high-heal shoes by taking off her favorite canvas shoes.[Photo by Wang Jieshi/Qianlong] 

虽然单位没有规定要穿工作装,但为了体现团队性,慕洁和小伙伴们还是自发的准备一套西装,上班前慕洁脱下舒适了帆布鞋换上了高跟鞋。(千龙网记者 王洁石摄)


Zhang combs her hair after suiting up, because a decent office makeup look is important to herself and the image of the whole company as well.[Photo by Wang Jieshi/Qianlong]

得体的妆容是慕洁工作的必备工作,换好“工装”她总要重新整理下头发。“这不仅仅代表自己更代表公司的形象”慕洁笑着说。(千龙网记者 王洁石摄) 


With the May Day holiday approaching, the Beijing Charity Volunteer Association holds a charity activity. As a director Zhang shows the masks to a representative from a district. These masks will be handed out to the sanitation workers during the activity.[Photo by Wang Jieshi/Qianlong] 

五一节的临近,北京慈善义工协会举办一期为环卫工人发放口罩的活动,慕洁作为活动负责人,为其中的一个区的代表展示发放的口罩。(千龙网记者 王洁石摄)


Her work card is on the desk.[Photo by Wang Jieshi/Qianlong] 

办公桌上的工牌。(千龙网记者 王洁石摄)

 Zhang Mujie shovels the sand and gravel on the road in a public charity activity for post-disaster reconstruction. [Photo/Qianlong]


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