[May 7] Peasant's son becomes painting studio boss农民的儿子--画室的老板

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Pei Junfei sits on a floor covered by his own paintings and the paintings of his students in Beijing, on April 23, 2014. He owns painting school in Beijing with a floor space of several thousand square meters. His dream is to help his students study in their desired colleges. [Photo by Yu Ying/Qianlong]

坐在地上的人叫裴俊飞,山东菏泽人,目前在北京拥有一家几千平米的画室。地上的画,有他的,也有学生的,学生一年年更替,而裴俊飞始终在这里,他在这帮助更多的学生考上理想的学校,完成他们的梦想。2014年4月23日,拍摄于裴俊飞摆渡画室。千龙网实习记者 于颖摄 

Most students in the frame have never contacted Pei Junfei since their departure. The photos tell they have studied here. [Photo by Yu Ying/ Qianlong] 

这些学生大部分离开后都不会再联系,各奔东西,只有留下的影像能证明他们曾经在这里学习过。千龙网实习记者 于颖摄

 "It's me in the picture. Can you tell?" Pei Junfei turns on the light. [Photo by Yu Ying/Qianlong]

 “这个人是我,能看出来么?”裴俊飞开灯,想让记者看的更清楚一些。千龙网实习记者 于颖摄

 As an arts school’s principal, Pei Junfei has to analyze the trend of college entrance exams for art students. [Photo by Yu Ying/Qianlong]

作为一个艺考培训学校的校长,裴俊飞随时都要分析思考来年的艺考动向。千龙网实习记者 于颖摄


Pei Junfei stands by the outer gate to his painting school. Students have to stay and study here as long as they go across the gate, except for weekends. [Photo by Yu Ying/Qianlong] 

这是画室的第一重门,一旦进了这扇门,就意味着学生平时除了周六日是没有机会出来的。千龙网实习记者 于颖摄

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