[May 6] Heart-to-heart rescue心脏救援

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Xiao Bao suffered from a dilated cardiomyopathy, with his heart unable to pump blood efficiently. But a donated heart from almost 2,000 kilometers away saved his life.

Ye Jin, 21, from Guilin, South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, died of a brain tumor on Thursday and donated his heart to Xiao Bao. The operation turned out to be a great success and Xiao Bao woke up on May 3.

"Life is the most important. I'll join the action at any cost," Cao Wei said. Cao is a helicopter pilot in Beijing for transporting the donated heart from the Beijing Capital International Airport to the Anzhen Hospital where the life of Xiao Bao is maintained by an extracorporeal membrane oxygenator. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong] 

华彬天星通航有限公司总飞行师曹威:“生命最重要,不惜一切代价参与行动!”千龙网实习记者 王悦摄

Luo Jing was on duty at the helicopter’s control tower when the emergent rescue took place. The mother-to-be finished solely all of the work behind curtain related to the helicopter’s heart transportation. The work usually needs three people to do. [Photo by Yang Liguang/Qianlong] 

  华彬天星通航运行总监罗婧是当时在塔台值班的唯一人员,由于事发突然,平时需要三个人才能完成的工作,都落在了这位孕妇身上。与各相关单位联系、安排航线……罗婧一个人支撑着这次飞行的幕后工作。千龙网记者 杨理光摄

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