[May 5] The dream of youth青少年的梦想

2015-11-13 09:03 english.qianlong.com

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When most teenagers of the same age are sound asleep early in the morning, the students of the Beijing Opera Institute get up and begin their daily training. Their compulsory courses include physique, figuring, gait, reciting and acting. Having come to the institute with stage dreams, they are here releasing their youth. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong] 

每天清晨,当大多数同龄孩子还在熟睡时,北戏的同学们早已起床来到练功房,开始一整天的训练。形体、身段、台步、唱念、做打等等,都是大家的必修课。他们怀揣着舞台梦来到学校,在这里释放他们的青春。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄) 

The handstand movement is a regular daily exercise. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong] 

倒立已经是习以为常的规定动作。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄) 

 A teacher helps Xiao Wei understand the essential of each action. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong]

老师手把手的指导小维动作要领。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄) 

Vaulting horse as a teaching approach is used by teachers to ease the drabness. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong] 

跳马是老师缓解练功枯燥的一种教学方式。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄) 

The physique class is a basic skill of stage performance. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong] 

形体是舞台表演的基本功。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄)

After class students feel relaxed and laugh. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong] 

下课铃声响起时总能听到同学们欢乐的笑声。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄) 


 Xiao Long has a dream of becoming an opera acrobatic-fighting actor. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong]

小龙的梦想是当武生。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄)

Xiao Wei and Xiao Long perform for their dreams. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong] 

二人表演。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄)

 Students finish the outline of their makeup under the guidance of a teacher. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong]

老师的指导下同学们已完成大体轮廓。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄)    

When night falls, some students still practice in class so that others are attracted to come to watch the scene. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong] 

虽已入夜,教室依旧有同学在练功,引来同学们驻足观赏。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄)

责任编辑:Li Xinhong