[May 4]Let's greet those working at night向午夜工作者致敬

2015-11-13 08:53

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Most people are sound asleep from 11 pm to 5 am. But for some, the work for a day has not finished yet or just begun. They are injecting new vitality into the city and curing its wounds.

They are as the same as ordinary citizens work in the daytime, but are decorating the city in the dark.




4月28日23点,一名电缆工人进入朝阳北路与青年路交叉口的地下管道里作业。(千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

At 23:00 on April 28, a cable worker enters an underground pipe located in the intersection of the Chaoyang North Road and Qingnian Road. [Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong]

4月28日22点20分,打哈欠的验票员在验票,这是当日最后一场电影。(千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

At 22:20 on April 28, a yawning ticket checker checks the tickets of the last movie shown that night. [Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong]

当环卫工人清扫白天人们丢弃的杂物时,此刻的城市却已进入梦乡。(千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

When the noisy city falls asleep, a cleaner collects litters left in the daytime. [Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong]


工作了一天的人们,此时是身体放松的阶段,也是各类盲人按摩机构忙碌的时刻。(千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

A blind masseur gives a customer relaxing massage to ease his fatigue after a busy day of work. [Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong] 

一名在马路上施工的年轻小伙说:“趁入夜时的人流车流减少,我们可以更高效率完成工作。”(千龙网实习记者 王自彬)

"As there are fewer people and cars in the streets at night, we can do our work more efficiently," a young worker said. [Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong]


一名司机在甘露园公交车调度室休息,这个空间仅几平米。据资料显示,北京目前仍有两千多辆公交车在马路边过夜。 (千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

A bus driver takes a rest in a control room. Although it is a small space, the room provides convenience for workers. Beijing now has more than 2,000 public buses that have to be parked by the roadside at night. [Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong]


烟酒小卖铺之于饭馆而言,是打烊时间较晚的店了,总会有些烟酒嗜好者们在夜里需要它们。(千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

Liquor and cigarette shops usually close later than other stores because of customers special needs.[Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong]


一名清洁工在满是灰尘的街面上清理前方货车掉下来的石渣。(千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

A cleaner sweeps the sand and gravel on the street left by a truck at night. [Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong]

天安门广场,武警战士静静守卫夜北京。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄)

A paramilitary soldier guards on the Tiananmen Square at night. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong]

一家理发店装修升级为养生会所,夜间工人赶时间装修。(千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

Workers decorate a barbershop overtime in order to help update the shop into a health promotion club. [Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong] 

夜间的面馆,他们的工作时间是从夜里12点开始。 (千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

The noodle restaurant’s business hour starts from 12:00 pm. [Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong]

较之夜间饭馆而言,夜间药店需求消费量要少的多,却又是给身体突发状况的患者提供的必备应急之地。 (千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

Although a few people buy medicines at night, the 24-hour drugstore can provide convenience for patients in emergency.[Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong]

拥堵的东三环呼家楼段,出租车司机很是淡定。(千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

A cab drive stays calm in congested East Third Ring Road near Hujialou.[Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong]

夜间,修理下水道的水管工。(千龙网实习记者 王自彬摄)

Plumbers fix a drainage pipe at night.[Photo by Wang Zibin/Qianlong] 


为了第二天“万岁•万宁”主题影展顺利亮相王府井,工人师傅正在紧锣密鼓的进行搭建工作。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄)

To make sure that the second day of the Photo Exhibition "Long Live Wang Ning" goes smoothly, workers put up the exhibition stands all night. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong]


每晚烤串是小毅的“第二产业”,为自己工作他显得格外卖力。(千龙网实习记者 王悦摄)

Because of working for himself, a man nicknamed Xiao Yi sells kebabs very hard every night. [Photo by Wang Yue/Qianlong]

责任编辑:Li Xinhong