[Apirl 28]Too heavy pressure at her age这个年纪本不该承受的压力

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Chen Ziye, a grade-three primary school pupil hides behind a stuffed toy at her home in Beijing when visited by charity workers bringing her a Hello Kitty and a 3,000 yuan (479.7 U.S. dollars) donation to subsidize her schooling.

Chen’s father was jailed three years ago for stealing a car to raise money to cure his daughter’s illness. He now has eight-year prison term left to serve. Chen’s mother was gone when her father was sent to jail, abandoning Chen and her elder sister and an impoverished family.

The girl always tries to avoid a gaze. And she rarely smiles. She has become introverted because of the family’s misfortunes. She has to bear excessively heavy pressure at her age.

[Photo by E Xiaoying/ Qianlong]

责任编辑:Li Qiao(QN0024)

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