[April 10]In Pinggu District在平谷

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平谷 某桃园




(2014年4月,千龙网记者 杨理光摄)

A peach garden in Pinggu District

"Look, this piece of land with peach trees belongs to me, turning out at least 5,000 kg of peacheseach year,” a farmer called Chen said, pinching a bud, “The key to planting peach trees lies in hard work. You must remove excessive buds in time to save nutrition for the fruits. As a result, peaches will then grow bigger and sweeter.”

Wholesalers will visit us in July each year, he said, “I am not worried about finding buyers for good peaches.”

[Photo by Yang Liguang/Qianlong]

责任编辑:Li Qiao(QN0024)

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