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Scholarships Established for International Students

The international students who come to study in Beijing can apply for the following three categories of scholarships:

Chinese Government Scholarship: The Chinese Government has established various scholarship projects to provide financial support to students, teachers and scholars from all over the world to study and engage in research activities in Chinese colleges and universities. The international students who have obtained the Chinese government scholarship will be arranged to study in a Chinese university commissioned by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China has established the Chinese Government Scholarship Program and entrusts China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as “CSC”) to handle the enrollment of international students and carry out the routine management of this scholarship program students in China. Since 2008, CSC has issued scholarship quotas of independently admitting international students to the partial Chinese colleges and universities, so international students can also directly consult and apply to the Chinese colleges and universities for the Chinese government scholarship.

CSC plans to take three years from 2008 to 2010 to double the Chinese government scholarship quotas and expand the enrollment year by year with an annual increase of about 3,000 students.

The Chinese Government Scholarship is classified into a full scholarship and partial scholarship. If you want to apply for the Chinese government scholarship, please contact the China Scholarship Council to obtain the latest information.

UniversityScholarship: Mostcollegesanduniversitieshaveestablishedspecialscholarships forinternational students such as admission scholarship. Some universities also have established scholarships for international students at faculty level. For detailed information, please consult the international student administration department which you apply for. (Source: Beijing Municipal Commission of Education)

Beijing Government Scholarship

Beijing Government Scholarship: The Beijing Government Scholarship (BGS) was established by Beijing Municipal Government, aiming to provide tuition fees fully or partially to the international students studying or applying for studying in Beijing. Its administrative office is the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Beijing Municipal Commission of Educations, which is in charge of project establishment, review, acceptance and daily management of the Beijing Government Scholarship Program. The international students applying for the Beijing Government Scholarships shall normally submit relevant materials to the universities in Beijing that he/she hope to apply by the end of February every year.

For specific application means, you can consult the government departments and relevant institutions responsible for dispatching students abroad in your country, Chinese embassies or consulates; you can also visit the Web of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education ( cn) to inquiry; or directly apply to the universities qualified to issue such scholarship in Beijing. (Source: Beijing Municipal Commission of Education)

Information on Basic Education

The education system in China can be simply summarized as "four educations" and "seven levels". The "four educations" refers to pre-school education, primary education, secondary education and higher education. The "seven levels" refers to kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, senior high school, higher college education, undergraduate education and postgraduate education. China implements a compulsory education system. Children from 6-7 should study in a primary school and begin their nine-year compulsory education.

What are the rules for attending primary and secondary schools in Beijing?

Foreign students should apply with a JW202 Form issued by the primary or secondary school.

Foreign students holding the visa application form for foreign students studying in China (JW202) should apply to schools authorized to accept foreigners.

For foreign students planning to study for more than six months in China, students should apply for an X Visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in their home country, complete the visa application form for foreign students studying in China (JW202) and hold an admission letter from the school.

Within 30 days after entry, they should also process resident application procedures at the Division of the Entry-Exit Administration of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau with the visa application form for foreign students studying in China (JW202) and the admission letter.

If the student's parents are residing permanently in Beijing during their study, proof of permanent residence is necessary. If not, a certified statement of the guardian should be presented.

For students over 16 years old, a valid health certificate should also be presented. If the parents are not residing permanently in Beijing during their children's study, other foreigners residing in China or Chinese citizens with permanent residence in Beijing should be appointed as guardians. (Source: City of Beijing)

International Schools in Beijing

Beijing Chinese School

Add: 23E, CITIC Building, No.19 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 8526 2417, 8526 2418

Fax: +86 (010) 8526 2419


Beijing Fangcaodi Primary School

Add: 1 Ritan Beilu, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 8563-5120


Beijing Huijia Private School

Add: Zhongguancun Technology Garden, Changping Garden

Tel: +86 (010) 6974-4795

Beijing Huiwen High School (International Department)

Add: 6 Peixin Jie, Chongwen District

Tel: +86 (010) 6712-4120

Beijing International BISS School

Add: No. Building 17, Area 4, An Zhen Xi Li, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 6443-3151/2/3

Beijing Oxford Little Professor Kindergarten

Add: 308 Building, Huizhongli, Asian Games Village

Tel: +86 (010) 6493-6626

Beijing Qiao Zhi Bo Ren Kindergarten

Add: 1/F, North Apartment, China World Center, 1 Jianguomenwai, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 6505-3869

Beijing Zhongguancun International School

Add: Building 14, Taiyangyuan, Dazhongsi, Haidian District

Tel: +86 (010) 8213-8339/8213-9966 ext.104/105

British School of Beijing

Add: 5 No. 6 Xijie, Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 8532-3088

Educasian Chinese Language Office

Add: Xi Jiao Hotel Building No.1, Third Floor 18 Wangzhuang Lu, Haidian District

Tel: +86 (010) 6234-7904, 6232-2288/5421


Eton International School

Add: Room 701, 7/F Lido Office Tower, Lido Place, Jichang Road, Jiang Tai Road, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 64301590/91


French Embassy School

Add: 13 Sanlitun Dongsijie, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 6532-3498

German Embassy School

Add: 49A Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 6532-2535

Global Exchange Education Center

Add: Suite 332, Wan He Office Building, No. 35, Zhi Xin Lu, Er Li ZhuangXiao Qu, Haidian District

Tel: +86 (010) 6234-7219, 6231-0191

Fax: +86 (010) 6231-0191


Indian Embassy School

Add: 1 Ritan Donglu, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 6532-1827

International Montessori School of Beijing

Add: 7 Sanlitun Beixiaojie, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 6532-6713

Intenational School of Beijing - Shunyi

Add: No.10, Anhua Street, Shunyi District

Tel: +86 (010) 8149-2345

Japanese School of Beijing

Add: 6 Jiangtai Xilu, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 6436-3250

Korea International School in Beijing

Add: 531 Qiliqu, Changping District

Tel: +86 (010) 8072-4526/27


Lido Kindergarten Beijing

Add: Jichang Lu, Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 6437-6688 ext. 1640

New School of Collaborative Learning (NSCL)

Add: An Ning Zhuang, Haidian District

Tel: +86 (010) 6298-5758

Swedish School Beijing

Add: Legend Garden Villa, 89 Capital Airport Road

Tel: +86 (010) 6456-0826

Western Academy of Beijing

Add: 10 Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 8456-4155

WorldLink Education

Add: Beijing Liuxue Shijie Guangchang No. 3-1 Zhi Xin Xi Lu, Haidian District

Tel: +86 (010) 6232-7129, 6232-7130, 6239-5067

Fax: +86 (010) 6239-5067


Yew Chung Beijing International School

Add: East Gate of Honglingjin Park, 5 Houbalizhuang, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86 (010) 8583-3731 

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