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Procedure for Employment in Beijing

Employment of foreigners in Beijing refers to the act of those who have not obtained the right of permanent residence, work and receive remunerations for their work in accordance with law within the Chinese territory. Those foreigners who have not obtained residence permits (holders of F, L, C and G visas), and those who are studying or having a internship in China, and dependents of foreigners holding a working visa should not have illegal employment in China. In special circumstances, the foreigner who is to be employed should have his visa status changed with the public security bureau by his employer and apply for Foreigners' Employment Permit and Residence Permit before employment.

A foreigner should apply for a working visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate abroad with the permit and other documents he is to work in Beijing. After he enters into China, the employer can apply for Foreigner Employment Permit at the Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security along with the Permit, valid passport and residence permit.

(Telephone number of the Beijing municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security. 63167924)

Employment of Spouse of Foreigner in Beijing

The Chinese government allows the spouse of foreign diplomatic or consular personnel or foreign experts in China to, with the consent of the Chinese government and after going through necessary formalities, work with offices of foreign enterprises; foreigners; legal persons of foreign groups; international organizations (the UN system excluded); and international NGOs, Chinese companies, or privately-owned businesses with foreign investment. They may also work as journalists or working staff for news agencies in China.

If institutes of higher learning in Beijing need teachers, spouses may also apply to engage in short-term (six months or less) teaching activity for free in relevant institutes. With the consent of competent departments in China, they can continue to enjoy privilege and immunities in China.

If your spouse plans to work in Beijing and has reached a preliminary agreement with the employer, he or she should consult the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Security on the possibility of obtaining a permit. Persons cannot go through relevant procedures without approval.

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