Word spy: peep culture 新词侦探:偷窥文化

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据Wordspy网站介绍,Peep culture意为"A culture in which many people write about or display — and other people to take pleasure in reading or watching — the minutiae of their daily lives."(很多人描写和展示自己生活中的一些细节,然后其他人以阅读或观看这些东西为乐趣的一种文化)

Wordspy介绍称Peep culture最早在2007年被使用:A new book was written by Hal Niedzviecki titled Peep Culture: How Pop Became Peep and We Learned to Love Spying on Our Neighbors,a founder and fiction editor of Broken Pencil.(哈尔•涅兹维奇是一家名叫《破铅笔》电子杂志的创始人和小说编辑,他撰写了一本新书,名字叫《窥探文化:大众文化何以变成窥探文化暨人们为何愈发喜爱窥探邻里之事》。)

它还曾经出现在以下例子中:Mr. Niedzviecki believes many people welcome surveillance because the collapse of community has left them feeling disconnected and alone. Surveillance, he says, is part of the shift from pop culture to what he calls peep culture.(涅兹维奇先生认为很多人希望被别人窥探或是窥探别人是因为邻里关系的淡漠使他们感到孤立和孤独。他说窥探行为就是大众文化向他所称的窥探文化演变的一个主要体现。)

Therefore, if there is a trend toward so-called ‘peep culture’, then it is not about the tabloidisation of everyday life into bite-sized titilation [sic] of 140char or less, but a far more ethical mode of existence.(因此,如果真有所谓的窥探文化发展趋势,那么这种趋势不是出现在通俗小报上140字都不到的闲话栏目,而是以更为深远的道德模式而存在。)

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