Word spy: hipster paradox 新词侦探:嬉皮士悖论

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据Wordspy网站介绍,hipster paradox意为"The tendency for people who assert their individuality using deliberately anti-mainstream dress and grooming to end up all looking very similar, thus becoming the new mainstream."(嬉皮士悖论是一种社会现象,指人们为了彰显个性,刻意穿戴非主流服饰,导致这些人彼此的着装非常类似,结果这种类似的着装风格演变成了新的主流。)

Wordspy介绍称hipster paradox最早在2010年被使用:But in accordance to Albert Einstein’s Hipster Paradox, if you have a million people turning towards the unconventional, then you create a separate majority of conventional Hispters [sic], which is exactly what is happening today.(但是根据阿尔伯特•爱因斯坦的流行相对趋势称,如果有一百万人背离传统,他们将创造新的潮流,这正是当下正在发生的。)

它还曾经出现在以下例子中:For a culture that prides itself in being the persistent antithesis of the conventional, the disparity is appalling. Such is the hipster paradox — from an exclusive few who have managed to convincingly set a certain standard that makes them different, albeit pleasantly, hipsterism has grown into such a widespread, often misinterpreted, movement that being anti-mainstream has become the mainstream.(如果一种文明总是以挑战传统为傲,那么在它之中将产生惊人的文化差异。嬉皮士悖论的产生和发展就是如此:美国上世纪50年代中有一小股人为了自我标榜与他人的不同,订立了统一的标准,如今由这些标准发展而成的垮掉主义运动已经影响十分广泛了。虽然人们常常曲解这一运动,但是它却成为了一支逆主流的新主流。)

While they may strive for individuality, they have instead been caught up in one of the greatest mysteries of our time: the hipster paradox.(当这些人在为个性而战时,他们却被卷入了这个时代的一片迷雾:嬉皮士悖论。)

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