Word spy: social bankruptcy 新词侦探:社交破产

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据Wordspy网站介绍,Social bankruptcy意为"The condition of being so overwhelmed by social media that the only solution is to close all one’s accounts."(只有关闭一个人所有的社交账户才能解决他过于沉溺于社交媒体的状态。)

Wordspy介绍称Social bankruptcy最早在2011年被使用:As for what to actually do to get out of your oh-so-social bankruptcy-in-progress, you’ve got two options.(如何真正逃离你那岌岌可危的所谓社交,你有两个选择。)

它还曾经出现在以下例子中:It took a while to accept it, but eventually I realized I had to declare social bankruptcy. I’d gone too far down a path that wasn’t working. I could see that it was time to get off that path entirely.(我花了些时间才接受社交媒体,但最后我意识到我必须宣布社交破产。因为我在一条毫无意义的路上走得太远了,可以肯定的是现在是时候停下了。)

During the event, a film called “Social Bankruptcy” showcased what life would be like without social media, and how it affects individuals. Social media is everywhere, and it’s unavoidable, having become a communication tool for the majority of society.(在这个情形下,一个叫做《社交破产》的电影描述了如果没有社交媒体生活会变成什么样以及社交媒体对每个个体的影响。社交媒体无处不在,而且它不可避免地成为社会中大多数人的沟通工具。)

责任编辑:Li Qiao(QN0024)

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