• Beijing to pilot 1㎡ vegetable gardens

    Recently, a total of 168 one-square-meter vegetable gardens have been built in the leisure park on the east side of the diversion canal of Yongding River in Tiancunlu subdistrict, Haidian district, Beijing.

  • Wild birds seized in bird, flower market

    Law enforcement officers seize wild animals at a bird and flower market in Tongzhou, April 23. A total of 54 wild birds of 15 species including sisikin, black-tailed hawfinch and titmouse were seized.


  • 9 tour bus lines to open

    Beijing Public Transport Group will open nine tour bus lines bound for scenic spots during the upcoming Labor Day holiday from April 29 to May 1.

  • 北京公交“五一”推9条旅游专线


  • Most used idioms in dramas

    Familar words can express new meaning. Let’s make a sentence with them! My little sister irritates me 24/7! 我的小妹妹整天都在惹我生气!

  • 美剧里最常说的20句俚语

    简单熟悉的词组合起来却能表达新的意思。尝试用它们造个句吧!My little sister irritates me 24/7! 我的小妹妹整天都在惹我生气!

  • ‘The Journey to The West’

    I'm Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven who made havoc in Heaven five hundred years ago. Little ones, I'm back.

  • 重温《西游记》台词,满满都是回忆


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