• Lifts installed at Shijingshan community

    Residents have been enjoying a more convenient life long-awaited, since the newly-installed elevators were put into use at the beginning of 2019, a gift in the new year.

  • Intangible cultural heritage base opens

    Chaoxi Workshop, an intangible cultural heritage base transformed from an idle warehouse, opened at Chaoyangmen Subdistrict of Dongcheng District of Beijing on December 24, 2018.


  • 'Four generations under one roof'

    A new viral meme originating from China, called 'four generations under one roof', has a far more wholesome feel.

  • 抖音“四世同堂”短视频火遍全球


  • Top 25 smartest countries, regions

    Vouchercloud has done the legwork for you and diligently researched and ranked the top 25 countries in the world by intelligence.

  • “全球最聪明国家与地区榜”发布


  • Will an AI take YOUR job in 2019?

    Half of current jobs will be taken over by AI within 15 years, China's leading AI expert has warned. Kai-Fu Lee said the world of employments was facing a crisis…

  • 全球半数工作将被人工智能取代


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