• Beijing’s Sanlitun Culture Week launched

    Sanlitun Culture Week is held at the Red hall of Taikooli, at Sanlitun sub-district, Beijing’s Chaoyang district till to January 21, 2018. The culture week includes three themes: photo exhibition, experiential cultural lecture, and cultural and creative fair and can be called a feast of culture and art.

  • Shijingshan installs smoke alarms

    Recently, Shijingshan District of Beijing began to install smoke alarms for the disabled and the elderly aged above 60 of 187 households in Laoshan Subdistrict.


  • 8 résumé mistakes

    A good résumé can leave a good first impression to interviewers. You should avoid the mistakes that make you look less qualified and less intelligent.

  • 英文简历中常见的8个拼写错误


  • The People in Your Family

    很多人觉得英语中的亲戚关系简单,但你知道third cousin,second cousin once removed是什么吗?下面我们就来认识一下这些英语中的“远房亲戚”。

  • 这些“远房亲戚”用英语怎么说

    很多人觉得英语中的亲戚关系简单,但你知道third cousin,second cousin once removed是什么吗?下面我们就来认识一下这些英语中的“远房亲戚”。

  • Beijing's 2017 in words, phrases

    In 2017, Beijing saw a great many new measures, new changes. And people of the city acquired new benefits. These new measures, changes and benefits take the form of familiar words and phrases...

  • 2017诞生了哪些“新北京英语”?


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