• Zhang Zhuanling: a doctor never retires

    Zhang Zhuanling, 61, is a volunteer doctor in the communities in Daxing District, Beijing after she retired from the Daxing Education Commission’s Health Center as a chief physician.

  • The coming age of QR codes

    QR codes are now everywhere in our daily lives. With the popularity of these codes, people’s way of living is gradually being changed. Let’s look through how they are applied in life.


  • Xiabai or Lu Ban Pillow

    In Beijing dialect, “Xiabai” means doing useless things or talking nonsense. Actually, there is an object also called “Xiabai” in ancient times.

  • 鲁班枕“瞎掰”:开为凳、合为枕


  • Cinema monsters

    You invited your best friend to go to the cinema together. But there was someone beside you who ate popcorn all the way. How frustrating! Let’s talk about several “cinema monsters”.

  • 有没有遇到过这些“影院怪人”?

    约了好友一起开心去观影。结果,旁边坐了个爱吃的家伙,一路大声嚼着爆米花直到影片结束。这可真是郁闷。今天,我们就说说影院里常见的几种“怪人”(cinema monsters)。

  • Expression about the Moon

    As the Mid-Autumn is around the corner, topics on moons are going into the horizon once again. Let’s learn some English expressions about the Moon in the run up of the festival.

  • 学起来:有关月亮的英语表达


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