• Constitution Day activities held in Beijing

    The third National Constitution Day fell on December 4, 2016, the day on which people heard or saw the publicity activities on the theme of the Constitution Day in the subway, at bus stations, or on roads in Beijing.

  • Fengtai opens 1st AIDS education rooms

    The 29th “World AIDS Day” publicity campaign & the inauguration ceremony of the first AIDS Prevention Education Project for Chinese Youth (APEPCY) rooms was held in Fengtai on November 30.


  • Bank: Don’t click on web links

    Quit a few citizens complained recently they received short messages from the “China Construction Bank”, informing them...

  • 建行:市民切勿点击短信链接


  • Research: sleep more, earn more

    We all know sleep matters for job performance. After a week of vacation, you may find your work better than ever. But rack up a week of sleepless...

  • 研究:睡得越多赚得越多


  • Tips for buying air tickets

    2017 Spring Festival is approaching, so how can we easily buy an air ticket to return home or travel? Here are several tips from professionals.

  • 购买春节机票小窍门


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