• Workers receive heartwarming coats

    A heartwarming activity themed “paying tribute to workers” was held by Guanyinsi Subdistrict of Daxing District of Beijing on February 11, 2018.


  • English couplets

    English language couplets have become a new and stylish way among Chinese young people to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival.

  • 春节到,贴一副英文春联吧!

    春节走亲访友,看到谁家门前贴着make money more and more是不是感觉帅呆了!贴英文春联现在在中国年轻人当中流行起来。

  • Spring Festival celebrations

    With the approach of the 2018 Year of the Dog, let’s have a look at various Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations held around the world.

  • 各国都在跟我们一起过年


  • Spring Festival Couplets app

    Using AI technology, the Smart Spring Festival Couplets app created by CCTV and Baidu can write a pair of customized couplets within seconds...

  • 智能春联来了!


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