• St. Olaf College students visit FLAT

    A new round cultural exchange activity was held at Tuanjiehu Cultural Center between the Foreign Language Association of Tuanjiehu (FLAT) and St. Olaf College of the U.S. on November 16 in Beijing.

  • ‘Greenland moments’ opens

    Recently, a customized offline “Greenland moments” was opened by the neighborhood committee of Greenland Huaduyuan Community of Gongcheng Subdistrict in Fangshan District of Beijing.


  • Signs in healthcare units

    Emergency Clinic, Outpatient Area, Specimen Collection… do you know these words and phrases? Today let’s learn some words about healthcare.

  • 权威!医院功能设施信息双语标签


  • English version of Taobao

    Baopals is an e-commerce platform that allows foreigners in China to buy products in English from Chinese e-commerce sites Taobao and Tmall.

  • 双11,不懂中文的老外怎么买买买?


  • Vocabulary of healthcare units

    October 22 marks the World Traditional Medicine Day. Today let’s learn some words about healthcare.

  • 医疗卫生机构的英文名称


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