• Beijing Foreign Language Festival 2016

    With “learn foreign languages, promote exchanges, prepare for the Olympic Winter Games” as its theme, Beijing Foreign Language Festival 2016 is held at Chaoyang Park from October 15 to 16.

  • Zhenggezhuang: a village of great changes

    Hot Spring Leisure City (“Wendu Shuicheng” in Chinese) is almost a household name in Beijing. As a national 4A tourist resort, it attracts visitors all the year around. However, not many people know the village where it is located. The village is Zhenggezhuang.


  • How did months get their names?

    Where do the months' names come from? Here we’ll introduce where we got the names. Spoilers: it’s a mixture of gods, rulers, and numbers.

  • 涨姿势啦!12个月英文名的由来


  • VR Pay: buy with a NOD

    Alibaba's finance arm has shown a payment service that will allow virtual reality shoppers to pay for things in future just by nodding their heads.

  • 点点头就能支付购物

    日前,全球首个VR支付产品“VR Pay”在深圳亮相。这项新的支付系统允许购物者在未来点点头就把钱付了,以后再也别说“剁手”了,有了VR Pay,不用手也能买买买了。

  • Are you lanshouxianggu?

    When out of the blue the word lanshouxianggu began trending on Chinese social-networking sites, but do you know blue mushrooms do exist in the nature?

  • 你“蓝瘦,香菇”吗?


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